Explaining that he had to release me

So that my            soul so old/

.                                        so wise

Could grow and explode into bright

Without           interference (help)

Like having a Father would injure me

And he was right.       It hurt  to have

.                                                       a father

.                                    /and not to have

.                                                       a father

Schrodinger’s father      hurt   when released

Lashed out      absorbed

A reflection of                  hurt   and

I shattered myself to      hurt   /break ties

.                                   to get away

.                                   to quiet

The gloating nature of-

The unbearable greatness of-

The grandiose intellect without sans

my       (father) who wasn’t

.                                    and isn’t

.                                    and won’t

.               be other than                     and I can’t be other

Than anyone-

.                     –

Than without (my) father

.                                    /not (my) father.


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