I wanted to kill a woman the other day

.                for wearing jingle bells on her ankle

.                                while walking through the graveyard.

It reminded me of ancient times

.                when silence was next to godliness

.                                (and people didn’t have cellphones).

A person could be severely punished

.                for making too much noise in a public space

.                                (I bet they would have cut off her foot).

In the cradle of Civilization

.                noise pollution was serious business

.                                (I might’ve been happy to hold it down).

When I was a very little girl

.                I beat up an old tree stump

.                                in the backyard with a dog chain.

I pretended that the old stump

.                was my mother’s Ex boyfriend

.                                and whipped it until I couldn’t anymore.

.                Recompense for abuse.

It hurt.


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