I grew up young when I was broken

The mess

Was permanent

There was a lot to be done.

It overwhelmed me

Clean Cinderella

I realized that I felt like a hired hand

Do it quickly

Do it right

But I was a small girl, growing.

Rinse and repeat

Clean Cinderella

An Island taught me to keep secrets

Don’t share

The pain is yours

Dark and not secure, but not safe

To keep forever

Quiet Cinderella

One day a girl told me about Jesus

Misty as thunder

Misty as lightning

My friend April had an Island, too

Not a whisper

Quiet Cinderella

I realized that I thought about growing up

One day

I will reach

How Christians thought, of Heaven.

The Promised Land

Be Good Cinderella

Fairy tales taught me about hope

Keep it alive

Keep it burning

How to stoke the fires, deep inside

Hold the light

Be Good Cinderella

Now I’ve grown up and gone to Heaven.


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