Cuddlesaurus Rex!

>*please note that the above painting was made by Tom O’ Hare, owner of the Stagedoor Cabaret and Coffee house in Mt. Shasta, CA. I used to work there and it was so much fun!*

Cuddlesaurus Rex
A Children’s Book
by: Nitya Prem
Mirabelle has a secret… and it’s a whopper, but I bet you won’t believe me yet. Mirabelle is seven years old and she has an imaginary friend named Snoozle. She still believes in her imaginary friend because he’s not imaginary at all, he’s very real and has feelings just like you or me.
Peter had an imaginary goat. His name was Mr. Eatsitall. Peter was always very good at naming things. Mr. Eatsitall was definitely Peter’s favorite friend because he always ate all the squash that Peter thought was yucky. He lived in the planter by the dinner table. One day Peter’s mom told him that he had to eat all his squash so he could grow up big and strong. Peter’s mom told him that imaginary friends aren’t real and Mr. Eatsitall did not live in the planter and did not eat his squash. Peter’s mom told him that she was tired of throwing away squash that she found in the planter every night after dinner. Peter believed her. Now he has to eat all of his squash and Mr. Eatsitall won’t speak to him anymore.
Sally’s imaginary friend, Tobbs is a flying snake. Tobbs was very good at flying way up high and warning Sally if there were bullies nearby. One day he didn’t see the bullies and Sally ran straight into them. She told the bullies that she had a flying snake who would protect her and hiss in their face. The bullies told her that Tobbs wasn’t real and threw all her schoolbooks on the ground. The bullies stomped on them and told Sally that she was a silly baby and that imaginary friends are only pretend. Sally believed them and Tobbs stuck his big ol’ snake tongue straight out at Sally, hissed and flew away.
I know that Tobbs is still up in the sky flying around and looking for bullies to hiss at. I also know that imaginary friends go away if their child stops believing in them. Would you want to stick around your best friend if they stopped believing in you? I sure wouldn’t. I only speak to people who know that I’m real.
Mirabelle, though not as popular as the other kids, was much smarter. That’s often the case in elementary school, smart kids get picked on and then they grow up and make lots of friends who are also smart and live very happy lives. The reason Mirabelle is so much more intelligent is that she knows that her imaginary friend is not imaginary at all. Mirabelle knows, all the way down to her toes, that Snoozle is real. He is very real, very loud, very big and then he’s even bigger! He’s so big, in fact, that Mirabelle sleeps on him every night.
Instead of a bed, Mirabelle is lucky enough to have her own dinosaur friend. Snoozle is of an extremely rare breed of dinosaur. Snoozle is a Cuddlesaurus Rex! I bet you’ve never heard of a Cuddlesaurus before, and that’s ok. Because grown-ups haven’t discovered them yet… Or they did and keep confusing them with Tyrannosaurus Rex, who looks much the same but is not as nice and also kinda dumb. T-Rexes have really big heads, but their brain is only the size of a peanut. That’s why they’re mean, like bullies. Bullies’ brains are also the size of a peanut… or a pistachio.
The other really big difference between a Cuddlesaurus and a Tyrannosaurus is that Cuddlesaurus Rexes don’t have any scales at all, they have patches. Snoozle, for example has a very comfortable quilted belly. His whole underside is soft and plush and perfect for sleeping. I think Mirabelle has almost the best bed in the whole, wide, world! Sleeping on top of a dinosaur can be really noisy. Nobody knows how to snore like Snoozle. Nobody.
Mirabelle likes Snoozle’s snores- they remind her of the ocean waves crashing on the shore and send her straight to sleep every night, snug and sound. The only problem with sleeping on top of a very big and very noisy dinosaur named Snoozle who snores is that Mirabelle’s parents sometimes think it’s her. They will wake up in the middle of the night and yell from their beds, “Mirabelle, please stop making so much noise. We’re trying to sleep!” Mirabelle, of course, cannot hear anything over Snoozle’s snores; especially when she’s sleeping. Snoozle, hears them though.
Whenever Snoozle hears Mirabelle’s parents shouting, he turns over on his side so that he will stop snoring. When Snoozle turns on his side, so do the blankets, and the pillows and the sheets, and Mirabelle. She falls off every time and her parents hear all the noise and yell again, “PLEASE stop making that ruckus! We’re trying to sleep!” Mirabelle doesn’t mind so much, she loves her parents and she loves Snoozle no matter what. Mirabelle gets up, bundles all the blankets and the pillows the sheets and snuggles up with her Cuddlesaurus Rex. When they are all cozy again, then they both go back to sleep… On their sides.
Maybe one day Mirabelle might stop believing in her imaginary friend, maybe one day Snoozle will forget about his child friend, but I don’t think that will happen. I know for a fact that Mirabelle is older now. I know that Mirabelle is almost a grown-up. I also know Mirabelle has a crush on a boy named Patrick. He still believes in his imaginary friend. I know this for a fact because I am Patrick’s imaginary friend and my name is Winky. I also, just happen, to be a Cuddlesaurus Rex and I can’t wait to meet Snoozle!
The End

One thought on “Cuddlesaurus Rex!

  1. >Luv it! Great job. I also like the illustration. Can't wait to see the rest of the book come to life. Good message too. I am currently reading this book by Deepak Chopra that says definitively most people can't see the subtle world because they do not believe they can. Just imagine what we all could do if we were not told that we couldn't. Kids do not know they can't yet…so they can. What a great idea. All the best with it.

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