>We are all caught up!

>I have just spent the past 2 or 3 hours posting/copy/pasting/inserting my blogs from my old blog at wordpress.com into this spiffy, new blog here at blogger.

Note: I did not copy/paste my old old blog from myspace, but you can find it here- http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendId=40383455
my myspacey page was about 3 years of cataloging my life, funny that it’d already be thrown in the ancient pile along with dial-up internet and skorts… No love for the skorts, by the way. Do you even remember those? UGH! They all looked like a super-short skirt until the chick turns around and you realize she’s just wearing shorts with some flap over the front. BOO!
Real skirts with shorts sewn inside, on the other hand, are a lot of fun!
As I was saying… BLOG. My ever broken-up, half-assed, sometimes I write- sometimes I don’t, but still consistently THERE blog is now here.
Oh dearest google, I pray fervently that blogger will be kind and that we will get along so well like friends; that your formatting is easy and beautiful and most importantly… that it does not fuck up my line breaks in the poems I write.
That’s why I broke up with wordpress, it kept fucking with my formatting and my Poems and I could not abide. Poems need specific line-breaks in order to better convey the rhythm of the piece. Now that I’ve said my piece, I’m done.
Ooooh… and for those few peeps who’ve been following my blogs and never knew my name outside of botticellibelle, I have very bad news… I just googled botticellibelle (which has been my and solely MY penname for about 10 years now) and there’s some other chick on blogger with my name. BOO! She seems all sweet and whatnot, but I am still pissy because this was my name first. There is Chopin on her blog, and she has not written a single thing since December of 2008, when she only started in September… And I thought I was lazy… Geez!
On the bright side, at least she has good taste!
Anyhoo, Hi! my name is Nitya Prem and this is where my blog is.

One thought on “>We are all caught up!

  1. >Thanks for making me smile. You are a colorful whirlwind and an inspiration. Fun. Luv it! Uh oh it is asking me under what profile to post this. I dunno. Sheeez! Hope I choose the right one.

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