>My Wide-Eyed Dream



My Wide-Eyed Dream is for happiness, and harmony in love. The earth, cosmos, sentient life, planetary bodies, elements, universes, thoughts… Basically for everything to exist in gentle equilibrium.

I dream for everything that has been, is and could be. Together.
How many ways can I say the same thing?

I’ve dreamed of celebrations, far-off places, different races, people with no faces. When my reality is chased away, dreamy visions of night-times stay.
The way things reflect in me is more than I ever thought I’d see.
To see with my eyes, to fully realize the potential of each soul’s potent portal to transverse, immerse and converse with infinity about our infinite reality and ability to BE.

Be what you are, an ever-shooting star.
Reach for the furthest sights with your site dead-on, akin to a very ancient rite.
I write to cite my imagery and open-ness, my soul to see the light.

Alight, I burn to smoldered senses. I need to know you know we’re all part of this sacred dance, of this I chant enchanting rant not to be defiant or polite.
But police yourself to share your wealth if it’s monetary, monastic, moralistic, artistic, athletic, poetic, rhetoric, I’m for it!
Because I know we all feel the need to bleed for our cause and expound our flaws. Flawlessly convert alert to inert.

Inertial fantasy believes in me to conceive the weave of time spinning on a dime in the center of the galaxy of my mind in this rhyme of that kind of menagerie of all those inside of me inside of you of the other, each other, together we weather the course of our wide-eyed dreams.


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