>Asshole Americans!


This is an excerpt from my journal when I sold renewable power for a living…. It was a bad day


Excuses all sound the same after you’ve heard enough of them. Every apathetic asshole looks the same. I’ve only been doing this for a month or so and by this point, I don’t think I could hear anything that truly surprises me.

What is it that poisons people’s souls so? What venom deep inside them makes the think its ok, or worse, they’re entitled to spew that bile in my direction? Don’t they on some level inside realize that I’m trying to help? Make life a little more feasible for everyone?

I can’t believe humanity has lost its’ conscience… I can’t lose faith in humanity yet… I will not become one of the jaded masses stuck on a false media IV drip that assures them its ok.

I sill not walk around everyday with the shame in my eyes that I see in theirs. Most of the people who pass me by, or speak to me won’t look me in the eye, let alone drop their wall of guilt to actually listen.

I must get this out in these pages lest I drive my friends away with my grief in humanity, wailed and purged upon their ever-patient ears. I must write these words now, as I should be converting my cheeze-whiz Americas, lest I unleash my forsaken tongue, sharp as nails against their marshmallow-soft pigskin ears. Squeal motherfuckers! Squeal as you drown in your self-made bog of oil, lit ablaze with the coal that fuels your television! Squeal as the fires are quenched with irradiated water pumped straight from your nuclear-tainted water table! Squeal like the overstuffed and under-exercised pigs you are…
The hogs that roll around in mud and cannibalistically eat their butchered friends we feed them have more dignity, more compassion and more honor…

I digress… what a shame to have spent this ink and these pages railing against a heartless people. I have hope yet. I know kindness in this world and I would choose to spend my energy toward the betterment of sentient life. I’ll leave the bitching to the critics, media and politicians…
I’m putting my smile back on!


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