>A Qualifying Statement


Written: 05.11.08

Who am I to summarize epochs? What studious accomplishments lend credence to my musings? How could I possibly assume that my opinions hold a modicum of gravity? Others ask me where I get my information, where I read something or how I came across this or that school of thought. My usual response is something along the lines of, “Well… um… I don’t really recall… It… ah… just sort of seems to make sense in my head.”

Usually that works. Sometimes, however, people require qualifying statements, are not able to readily accept original thought. I don’t understand why I must have read something in order for it to be true. Why can’t I just glean from my experience and what I see all around me? Isn’t it a truer path to let the cosmos teach you directly rather than to absorb, second-hand through someone else’s studies?
People do not see. They look for goggles of knowledge that others have made instead of using the true-blue crystal sight gifted them by our innate nature.

Do not ask for my opinion and expect me to quote the tried and true philosophers or intellectuals of any time; expectations are a hotbed for disillusionment and shattered dreams. I will disappoint you. I will not wear your glasses; I will see with my eyes what this world would have me see, naked, cut and utterly intertwined. I will feel what I see, think upon what moves me, and respond unadulterated unfiltered actuality.

I would have you see like you; perceive and fully realize the sallow, abundant, awe-inspiring, gut wrenching, odious grandeur in the minutest tidbits of life. Your cognoscence subconsciously sifts all facets of the world around you, absorbing information and methodically gathering relevance in every shade of the rainbow. The world paints lenses for your ocular accoutrement, a second skin, auditory amplifiers and personal sensory perception with which to view your life.
Somewhere amongst each of our independent and veracious sights our thoughts coalesce into a mandala of all-inclusive and ever-encompassing knowing. With all our individual assessments pulling from the same deep well, how can one not glean universal truths through open perception and reflection on what is experienced? How are not each of us Socrates, Freud or Gandhi?


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