the ceiling in the elevator of my old studio apt. above berbati's pan
The ceiling in the elevator to my cave in the sky... my old studio above Berbati's Pan

I write of love that was deeper than the space between stars

and as unreachable.

White hot and luminescent, glittering eternally

too bright to hold.

Still, it was my guiding light, my constant joy and sorrow

kept so close.

A bird pressed to firm against a beating heart, even in love

will die.

A lover held too tight must stretch, lest they claw your heart

from your chest.

I’ve felt the rip of too many bleeding beats keeping time

as daggers.

I’ve patched up one too many tears from leaking tears

in my footsteps.

My swan’s song carried me far below the crashing waves

to rest.

I dwelt in secret hope and hushed fear to see the sun again

and kept to shadow

To the dark went my desires, my pulsing love and fervency

I slept so long.

Golden rays danced upon my skin one day to love again

and pray.

Bright as it is enticing to jump from the earth to heaven

up high.

I braced myself and let the sky smile from above

to me below.

We met somewhere on the horizon between here and there

dusk and dawn.

And I will swim with you over the earth and under sky

to everywhere in between.


One thought on “Over.Earth.Under.Sky

  1. Nitya,

    You are prolific and profound, wise beyond measure and inspiring.

    Thanks for sending me the web address to your blog. I’ll share it with family. Debbie will certainly appreciate it. She’s taking a writing class now.

    This is what I needed to connect with you. I was missing this, and having seen it, everything falls into place, respecting and understanding your life.

    P.S. Use my yahoo email address please.



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