The Lucky One (02.13.09)

I’m staying with friends right now until I can get back on my feet… and they haz cats! Usually they are so sweet sisters to eachother but today, on Friday the 13th they got into a little catfight. I wrote a poem about it!

The Lucky One

One cat sat by the purse, staring intently on a slender leather strap
the dark one looks on from a distance, silently waiting, looking back
Until the lucky one attacks nibbling on soft tanned cow-hide
Of the moon she comes, swift to swipe her feline friend aside

The lucky one, she snips fierce and swift, accurate with her teeth
and deftly turned by luna’s side-seen paw tufted with talons underneath
and quicker than the eye can see, this cat fight stops to glare
one eye into the other match as Lucky does not mean to share

Luna raises paw again to raise the stakes once more
then Lucky darts upon her prize beneath the table on the floor
She triumphs rolling in leapord skin, pink and stuffed with catnip glee
As Luna sidles demurely back to observe her rivals’ victory


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