Oh! indescribable joy to to him which guides my beating heart,

overflowing my cup with pure, abundant love.

I am overcome by the immensity of this feeling inside that relates to you

Speaks softly in my ear and shouts from the rooftops,

“I love you.”

For my love too, is great as all the saltwater in the earth,

brimming with life and plentiful beyond compare.

I once tried to chop it up and dole it out to many, unprepared

One taste is never enough and none could be satiated with

a broken love.

Looking into you, looking into me I saw a soul deep and willing,

veritable fathoms craving to encompass and return such bliss.

Never before have I met a man who could hold so much as an inch

of this warmth and light which is given unconditionally,

“I love you.”

I stand to willingly weather the brave storms that life will serve,

with a partner as apt, as ready, we could steer those waters.

Let’s float to my little red island swimming in a sea of dreams

to caress our souls openly and stargaze on each other

in bountiful love.


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